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Clean-up has just become easier with the Auto-Release Magnetic Sweeper. The sweeper’s 16-inch magnetic plate attracts ferrous material and releases it with the pull of the handle.

Back pain and bending are a thing of the past. Its innovative design is non-corrosive, easy to use and eliminates hand cuts by eliminating contact with attracted material.

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Features Include:

Removable Handle for easy storage.

16-Inch Wide Magnetic Sweeper finds ferrous material and holds it until you release it. Makes jobsite clean-up fast and easy.

Auto-Release is easily activated by pulling the handle. Direct contact with attracted material is eliminated, providing an extra level of safety.

Dual 4" Wheels provide excellent support and stability on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Durable polyvinyl treads improve traction and roll effortlessly across clean-up areas.

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